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My maps


I started mapping....again all the content I create you can see here

Third Life out!


The mod is finished and its ready to download.Go ahead to the games tab and check it out.

of course you need half life 1 to make this mod working you can download it anywhere i even took the time to make the box art :P so yeah enjoy the mod!

The first step


Well yeah i am almost done with my first mod/skin its called "Third Life" a little skin pack for Half Life and this should be published at least until tomorrow I am kinda excited and hope for feed back.

A new beginning


Hi there fellows I am Indeks the guy who runs this website ass you can tell i changed the logo into "Indeks Mods" when will be creating mods for games.

We will start whit the first mod for Half-Life.So i hope you stay tuned in for some more mods and skin packs